About the 'K'

A film based on ‘Kaloseidos’
Music by Erik Satie (Sonnenies De La Rose + Croix Lent et Detache, Air De L’Ordre (Air of the Order).Interpretation by : Reinbert de Leeuw

This project is concerned with the application of bioengineering. Located deep within this new field is the number system commonly known as ‘The Fibonacci Sequence’.

An exploration of the relationship between Art and Science and Nature.
Through repetition / colour and form, i am fusing the possibilities and have these set of rules lead me down a random and spontaneous path. The use of natural forms is merely a creative starting point (ongoing), that even Alan Turing had explored until his untimely death. Are these numbers implicit in our man made arrangement of the world?
These (rules) can be applied (even combined with other number systems) to create works that (kind of) create themselves. It can be applied with form / colour / texture. We can even break out and deliberately go against the (rules) and come back to apply them again. This will give randomness to work that includes computer coding (I am a fully qualified programmer!). We, at some point must break the rules, to challenge them to garner interest / intrigue in an area not known for its creative prowess.
Many people have slavishly applied these mathematical principles thinking that is the route to some sort of enlightenment without knowing that you can move between these worlds / rules and create a narrative all your own. This I do. I move between around and above. I am in control (to a certain extent) not the artwork.
This will reveal new work (otherwise you end up with same work time after time – like a photocopier). This gives it a sense of ‘controlled chaos’ (brownian motion).

Exhibited in various galleries from 2010-14

London (Illumini , Shoreditch Town Hall,  2010).
Liverpool (Orchard Restaurant, Blundell Street, 2011)
Wirral (The Williamson Art Gallery,  2013)
Available as signed and numbered prints (from Metro Imaging)